Most Expensive Areas in Rome

Rome is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in the world. There’s no denying that it’s a unique place and owning real-estate there is something that many people want. The truth is that the city is huge and there is a huge gap between the affluent and the cheap districts in Rome. The average price is 3100 €/m2, but the most expensive areas can be quite a bit more expensive. Continue below for our breakdown on Rome’s real estate:

Prati – 5137 €/m2

Prati is the 22nd rione (district) of Rome. It’s an ancient place that borders the Vatican and the Tiber river. Here you will find numerous bars, restaurants, and hotels. It’s a fancy place, with the Via Cola di Rienzo, one of the most prominent shopping streets in Rome passing through it. There aren’t too many locals living here, however. All of the tourists and businesses drive the price up, and the place can be very hectic and noisy. If you are in town for a short period, this is a good spot. However, there are better neighborhoods to live in.

Testaccio – 5435 €/m2

Testaccio is located south of the city center, close to the Piramide di Caio Cestio and Porta Portese. It used to be a poor blue-color neighborhood, but has recently been gentrifying and becoming the hipster capital of Rome. Here you’ll get a bunch of nice restaurants, many nightclubs and a lot of cool cafes. It’s still not crawling with tourists, at least not the level of other parts of town. The prices here are rising fast, so if you plan on investing in Rome, this is an area to look at. It’s also a great spot for young people that want to party with the locals and away from the foreign crowds.

Parioli – 5622 €/m2

Parioli is where the wealthy, older Romans choose to live. It’s north of the city center and there aren’t too many tourists walking around here. The truth is that this area is a residential one, with nothing too interesting to see, in terms of historical monuments. However, this is a good area to live in or raise a family in. The infrastructure is good, the neighborhood is nice and safe, and there aren’t too many Chinese walking around taking pictures. If you want to live with the classy Romans, do consider living here.

Aventino – 6910 €/m2

Aventino is another residential area where rich Romans choose to live, away from the crowds. It’s south of the city center, and not many tourists come to check it out. However, it is arguably the best place to live in. If you can afford it of course. It’s green, filled with elegant villas and an air of calmness that you can’t find in many other parts of Rome. This district is another favorite of the older, more affluent citizens, so if you are more interested in a great and exquisite life, do consider living here.

Centro Storico – 7817 €/m2

Here you will find the Pantheon, as well as most of the other monuments that Rome is famous for. Like with most other European cities, the inner-city is the most expensive neighborhood in Rome. It’s crazy crowded and loud and a total mess. The truth is that this is a great place for a hotel or an Airbnb, but you don’t want to live here. For a much cheaper price, you can get a much better house or an apartment in other parts of the city. Most of the locals will stay away from, here if possible.