Most expensive areas in Oslo

slo is the biggest city in Norway and likely what you’ll visit if you come to Norway. It has a great, modern, and yet classic vibe to it, with a lot of cool things to do and many bars and clubs to visit. If you have ever visited Oslo, you likely know it’s not a cheap place. However, some areas are richer than others and we have the wealthiest down bellow:

Nordre Aker

Nordre Aker is located in the outskirts of Oslo, and it’s one of the nicer neighbors the country has to offer. It’s largely a suburb, filled with single-family houses and not much else. While this isn’t the best place to visit for tourists, if you plan on living in Oslo, definitely consider Nordre Aker. It’s a short drive away from the city center, and the neighborhood is very quiet and calm.


Sagene is another residential district of Oslo. This area is a bit more urban and filled with apartment buildings. Here you can have a peaceful life while being surrounded by restaurants and shops, as well as many parks. Again, not a very exciting area for visitors to the city, but if you want to live somewhere nice in Oslo, do consider Sagene.


Frogner is one of the most expensive districts in all of Norway, and there is a good reason for that. It’s located just west of the city center, next to the Kongen Marina. Many of Oslo’s embassies are located in this area, as it is quite well kept and has some stunning buildings. You will find many fancy cafes and restaurants here and a very classy vibe overall. If you want to have a luxurious and aristocratic surrounding, this is the neighborhood of Oslo to choose from. If you are not exceptionally wealthy, do consider taking a walk around Frogner.


As you might expect, the most expensive real estate in Oslo is in the city center. Here you will find most of the tourist attractions of the city, like the Det Kongelige Slott, the Akershus Festning, and other public buildings. On top of that, there is some great architecture to be seen in the city center and some great bars, clubs, and restaurants. If you are a short-term visitor to Oslo, the Sentrum is likely where you will spend most of your time. If you plan on staying in the city for longer, you might want to consider a calmer neighborhood.

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