Most Expensive Areas in Marseille

If you have ever visited the south of France there is a decent chance that you were enchanted, in love with the sunny beaches and delicious food. Marseilles has its own, unique vibe and many people are lucky to call it home. However, some neighborhoods are better than others, and in this article we’ll show you the most expensive districts of Marseilles:

9th Arrondissement – 3 214 per sq m

The 9th arrondissement (the French word for the district), is located in the south of the city of Marseilles. It’s the largest neighborhood in the city and it’s known as a nice and affluent area. Here you have a lot of trees, nature and hills and many families choose to live here. It’s a wealthier, suburban area and if you want to live in a Mediterranean villa, this is a great arrondissement to choose from. However, you will need a car if you want to live around here, as it is very suburban and away from the city center.

12th Arrondissement – 3 400 per sq m

West of Marseilles’ city center, you will find the 12th Arrondissement. It’s a nice area, that is both urban and suburban and a great place to choose if you want to live in a house and be close to the city center. Here you have some good public transport connections and options to use a car too. What’s nice about this district of Marseilles, is that it is central, full of bars and restaurants, but also has some houses and not just apartment blocks. If you want to live in an expensive area, outside of the inner city, this is the spot to choose.

8th Arrondissement – 4 043 per sq m

The 8th Arrondissement is located just south of the city center of Marseilles. This is a very sought-after area, as it’s right on the shore and has a couple of very nice beaches. Plages du Prado is located there, and that’s one of the nicest beaches in the south of France. As you can imagine, there are many affluent people that live here and that’s why the prices are so high. However, this is a really great area to pick, if you want to experience the best life that Marseilles has to offer. It can be a little touristy, but it is also very high-life and luxurious.

7th Arrondissement – 4 265 per sq m

As you might expect, this is the city center of Marseilles and the most expensive area in the entire city. It’s pretty unique, as it also includes an island off the coast. There is no need to describe this. It’s the inner city, the historic center of Marseilles and here you will find all of the many landmarks of the city. It’s very touristy and crowded, so living here is not for the people that want a calm and peaceful life. However, if you want to be around the many bars and clubs, this is a great district to live from.

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