Most Expensive Areas in Kyiv

Kyiv, or Kiev, is one of the largest cities in Europe, and the capital and most populous city in Ukraine. While it’s not on many people’s travel itinerary, it’s a beautiful city with a lot of culture and history to be seen and experienced. It’s also worth knowing that many people in Kyiv have money, and some of the districts can be luxurious and rich. Below we have a list of the richest neighborhoods in Kyiv:


Vozdvizhenka is a very interesting district, filled with beautiful colorful houses that have a steep price. The architecture is unique and out of a fairytale, but the district is also a little creepy. It was meant to be prime real estate for millionaires, but many of the houses remain unsold. If you have deep pockets you might want to check out a house there, but even if you aren’t an oligarch, Vozdvizhenka is worth checking out. There aren’t many places like this in Europe and despite the emptiness, it is very beautiful.


Including Koncha-Zaspa in this list isn’t very accurate, as it’s actually an area just outside of Kyiv. It’s a historically affluent area, filled with expensive villas and dachas. Many of the richest and best-connected oligarchs, politicians, and businessmen have houses here. It’s a rural, village-like community where most of the residents are millionaires that live in Kyiv but choose to live outside of the town. It’s not exactly a tourist trap, but if you want a nice place to live in Ukraine, with affluent neighbors, it’s a good place to consider.


Pechersk is the historic city center of Kyiv, and like with most other European cities, it’s the richest and most expensive area of town. Here you will find many of the popular landmarks and churches that the city has to offer, as well as some of the better bars and restaurants. If you are a visitor of Kyiv, you should definitely consider staying here as most of the city’s life takes place in Pechersk. Many locals find it hectic and noisy, but it certainly has its charm.

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