Most Expensive Areas in Hong Kong

In more ways than one, Hong Kong is China’s most Western city, if you even consider it to be a part of China. Besides the politics, communism, and colonialism the city is a unique place in the world, and one of the major financial centers in Asia and the World. It’s easy to fall in love with the massive jungle that is Hong Kong, and dream to buy a place there. Of course, the prices are steep, but if you want to know in which parts they are even steeper, this is the right list for you. Keep on reading for a list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Hong Kong:


The Eastern District of Hong Kong surrounds some of the lush and green forests that the island has. It’s characterized by high rises and the King’s Road, which is the main infrastructural artery of the district. It feels less touristy and flashy than some of the other parts of the city, but still has an abundance of places to eat out and have some fun. There are also quite a few hiking opportunities in the area, so if you ever want to go out of the city and see something different than concrete, this is an amazing area to explore and live in.

Sai Kung

Speaking about greenery, Sai Kung is often referred to as the backyard of Hong Kong. Beyond just the city’s district, this whole surrounding area is filled with towns and villages, as well as a lot of nature and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sai Kung manages to be both wealthy and to preserve some of the older values and traditions that Hong Kong used to have before the money began flowing in and the island became Westernised. If you want a healthy mix of city life and rural charms, this is the area of Hong Kong for you.


The Central district of Hong Kong is rich, no doubt about that. This is where you’ll find some of the biggest and fanciest bank offices that exist in the whole world. There are high rises, amazing restaurants, and breathtaking views. There aren’t many people that actually live here, but during the day the area is alive and full of things to explore. Some of the more notable historical buildings that Hong Kong are located here. If you don’t plan on staying in the city for too long, this is the one area that you must explore at all costs.

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