Most Expensive Areas in Dubai

When talking about cities where wealth is concentrated, Dubai is very high on the list. It has had a quick and meteoric rise in the past few decades and the money that has flown into the city is truly astounding. Dubai is easily the crown in the jewel of the Middle East, and every visitor gets enchanted by the richness it has to offer. if you have ever wondered where the richest of the richest reside, this is the list for you. Keep on reading for the wealthiest districts of Dubai:

Dubai Marina

The Dubai marina is more than just a district, it’s essentially a city within the city. This artificially built canal and island are the home of some of the most prime real estate in all of the Middle East. It’s characterized by the huge Marina Towers, sandy beaches, and the Dubai Marina Mall. Just like in the other areas of Dubai, you will have a lot of luxury restaurants, cafes, and establishments for you to enjoy and spend your money at. It’s also growing and still being developed.

Downtown Dubai

Just west of the Sheikh Zayed road, you will find the Downtown Dubai area. The most obvious attraction and characteristic building in this area are the Burj Khalifa. This insanely large skyscraper is a must-see, but its surroundings are just as opulent and amazing as the skyscraper itself. The Dubai Fountain is right there too, and that’s an awesome sight to see. Surprisingly for many people, Downtown isn’t just made up of high-rises, but there are also some lower storied, Arab style buildings in the Old Town, which is a nice and charming area to explore. Much less glamorous, but has a lot more authentic feeling.

Palm Jumeirah

You’ve likely heard of the Palm Island of Dubai. This is an artificial archipelago, located in the Persian Gulf. This is some of the most exclusive real estates in the World, and it’s also quite a unique place. The Palm Shaped island is the home of the world’s richest people, as well as some of the nicest boutiques and shops in Dubai. It’s worth hitting up the beaches or taking a stroll around the beautiful houses and villas. If you want to buy property here, or invest, that’s going to be a tough endeavor, unless you’re sitting on a lot of cash.

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