Most Expensive Areas in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the coolest and most developed cities in Europe. It has beautiful architecture, good food, and fun nightlife. It’s not a cheap place to live in, but it’s actually much more affordable than many of the other Western European Capitals. In case you want to move there, or just want to know where the rich people live, this is the list for you. Keep on reading for a list of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Copenhagen.


Østerbro is located to the north of Copenhagen’s city center, and it’s one of the coolest and most expensive districts in the whole city. Here you’ll find some of the landmarks, most notably the ‘Little Mermaid Statue’. However, this isn’t really a tourist spot, and many locals choose to live here. Østerbro is well connected to the rest of the city, through public transport and wide roads, which makes living there very convenient. There is also the Fælledparken, which is a nice spot to take a walk at. If you plan on moving to Copenhagen and have some money to spend, this is a great neighborhood. If you are just visiting, and want to see what the nice, residential parts of town are like, this is a great example.

Inner City

This is the district that you’ve seen in postcards and on TV. The architecture is bright and colorful and there is a great vibe here. The Rundetaarn, the Amalienborg, and Kongens Have are all located here. Most tourists spend their visit in this district, and if you are in Copenhagen for a few days, this is a district not to miss and likely the best one to stay in. While it’s not very residential, it does have some of the best buildings and bars and restaurants that the city has to offer, so definitely do not miss the inner city. However, the prices here are quite a bit higher than in other areas of Copenhagen.


Vesterbro is a large area, just outside of the city center of Copenhagen. Here you will find a lot of great clubs, nice houses, and a cool, more urban vibe. Many of the more well-off locals choose to live here, as there is a big train station, there are a lot of things to do and it’s more modern than some of the other parts of town. If you want to experience what it’s like to be a local, this is a nice district to explore. There aren’t many tourist landmarks, but the atmosphere is great and it’s worth exploring Vesterbro, while in Copenhagen.

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