Most Expensive Areas in Cologne

Cologne is the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia and is located in the west of Germany. It’s an ancient city, that has managed to maintain its prominence within the country and region. There’s the Carnaval, the Christmas market, the architecture, and much more to see and experience while there. If you have ever wondered where the rich areas in Cologne are, you’re in luck:


Just north of the Cologne city center, you’ll find Nippes, which is one of the larger neighborhoods in town. It’s a more laid-back and residential area, home to the Cologne Zoo and countless little cafes and restaurants. It’s not a party area by any means, but it is well connected to the rest of the city and you can get here by public transport, car or even on foot from the city center. If you are interested in a green, calm and peaceful area of Cologne, that still isn’t overly expensive, Nippes is the place to be.


Lindenthal is a residential suburb, on the western outskirts of Cologne. It has a lot of greenery and good public transport, which makes it great for families, but it’s also where the University is located. The influx of students makes the area young and vibrant, filled with cool bars and cafes where you can have a good time during the day or night. Regardless of what kind of a lifestyle you want, Lindenthal can accommodate you, if you can afford it. The rents here can be very steep, but it is a great part of town to reside in.


Rodenkirchen is another suburb of Cologne, this time in the southern part of the city. Here you’ll find many single-family houses and little do in terms of entertainment and nightlife. This district is affluent and predominantly filled with richer and older German families that are looking for a quiet and peaceful life. It is also some distance away from the city center, so having a car is a good idea if you plan to spend time in Rodenkirchen.


The Innenstadt, or inner city, is the most central district of Cologne. This is where most of the economic, recreational, and touristic activities in the city take place and it should certainly be on your itinerary if you decide to visit. There are countless bars and shops located here, and you can easily lose a day hopping from place to place. It’s a great area to visit as a tourist, but the high rent prices and hectic atmosphere make it less desirable for the locals.

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