Most Expensive Areas in Bucharest

Bucharest is not the most visited city in the world, but in the last few years many people have been waking up to the Romanian capital. The city is truly grand and magnificent and has all of the amenities you might expect from a European capital. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of wealth within the city and some of the districts of Bucharest are quite luxurious. We compiled a list of the wealthiest areas of Bucharest, for your pleasure:


Dorobanți is one of the most preferred districts of Bucharest and is located in the north of the city, close to the entrance of the King Mihai I Park, which is a great place for a walk. The district is popular with the locals, filled with many businesses, bars, restaurants, and well-kept low-story houses. It’s not the most exciting or luxurious neighborhood, but it’s great to live in and the prices are still not astronomical. It’s also a cool and local area to walk around and explore.


Aviatorilor is also located in the north of Bucharest, nearby Dorobanți. It’s a similar area, affluent and made up of smaller buildings and nice houses. Here you will find many embassies and headquarters of companies, and the people that live here are generally some of the richest in Romania. Here you will also find the Arcul de Triumf and the Kiseleff Park. On top of that, there are many small cafes and restaurants that are hip and popular with locals and tourists alike.

Centrul Civic

The old town of Bucharest is located in the city center and is the richest and most expensive area in Romania. Here you will find cobbled streets, grandiose buildings, and beautiful facades. Many of the popular bars, restaurants, and clubs that Bucharest has are located here. There is a lot to do and see, but sadly it has become overwhelming hectic, and crowded in the last few years, as Bucharest becomes more and more popular with tourists. However, if you want to see the landmarks and have some fund drinking, you should consider spending some time here.

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