Most Expensive Areas in Brussels

Besides being the capital of Belgium, Brussels is also the capital of the European Union. That has lead to a large congregation of ex-pats in the city, and some parts of town have been steadily getting more and more expensive. If you’ve ever been to Brussels, you may have noticed the disparity between the rich and the poor parts of town. In this article, we’ll focus on the rich and wealthy parts of Brussels:

Auderghem – €3,200 per sq m

Auderghem is located in the southeast side of Brussels. It’s a more residential area and you will find a lot of families living here. It’s not a very touristy area, but you will find the Kasteel Sint-Anna and the Castle of Val-Duchesse. On top of that, there are some parks and green areas in the district, where you can take a walk. When it comes to nice areas of Brussels, this one is great to take a walk in or raise a family in. However, if you are young and want to party, getting close to the city center is recommended.

Ixelles – €3,400 per sq m

Ixelles is located south of the Brussels city center. It’s a pretty affluent area, and the buildings and architecture are old and beautiful. This is a place where many older, wealthier locals live, but there are some ex-pats as well. Ixelles is somewhat touristy and the streets can be crowded and noisy at night, especially around bars and clubs. There are some cool spots to see here, like the Étang d’lxelles, which is a nice place to hang out at, especially in summer. Besides that, you are in the city and get around Brussels easily. There is good public transport in Ixelles and a bike might be enough for you to go anywhere you need.

Watermael – €3,500 per sq m

Watermael is an affluent, residential suburb. Here you will find a lot of houses and rich people in them. If you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Watermael is a great area. Unlike the rest of Brussels, where you feel like you are in a smaller village. There is also a large forest, that takes up a large portion of the neighborhood. If you can afford it and want to live a suburban life, this is a great place to choose.

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