Most Expensive Areas in Belgrade

The Serbian capital has been growing in popularity over the last few years, with ex-pats and travelers. While a lot of Europe is becoming expensive beyond any reasonable level, Belgrade is still an affordable city that everyone can enjoy. That is not to say that everything there is cheap, however. We have a list of the most expensive areas in Belgrade below, to show you where the rich and famous hang out:

New Belgrade

On the western side of the Sava river, you will find the municipality of New Belgrad. It’s a huge area, home to 200 000 people, that was built after the old part of town, hence the name. This district has a strong Yugo vibe to it, with large and impressive blocks towering all over. This more modern area of Belgrad offers wide roads and good infrastructure, which has made it popular with many businesses, institutions, and universities. It’s also a popular place to party. The banks of the Sava river, close to where it meets the Danube, are filled to the brim with floating nightclubs, blasting turbo-folk all night.


Dorćol is the hippest and coolest neighborhood in Belgrade, not too commercial and touristy, but also not run down and unassuming. This district is a great place to take and walk, have a coffee or a beer and just enjoy the vibe of the neighborhood. Dorćol is close to the Beograd zoo and the Danube river, which means that any tourist will do good to pick an apartment or hotel there. It’s also a great place for longer-term residents, it is mainly a residential neighborhood with a couple of businesses sprinkled through.


Dedinje is the wealthiest district of all of Belgrade and it has an aristocratic air to it, that is lost in the other parts of the city. Here you will find royal palaces, diplomatic missions, huge villas, and an overall calm and affluent vibe. It’s not a great place to hang out in, as there aren’t too many bars and restaurants here, but it’s a nice place for a walk and an even nicer place to live at. If you want to be a part of the Belgrad nightlife, definitely consider getting a place in Dedinje.

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