Most expensive areas in Basel

Basel is the third-largest city in Switzerland, on the border with France and Germany, and it’s situated on the river Rhine. The city is the epitome of central Europe, as you might be able to guess from its geography, and certainly worth a visit. It’s easy to fall in love with the city, but just like everything else in Switzerland, it’s very expensive. However, to make things even pricier, we have a list of the wealthiest areas in Basel:


Including Riehen in this list is kind of cheating, since Riehen is its own municipality. That being said, it’s only a short drive away from the city center of Basel and functions as a suburb of the city. Here you will find many nice houses and the whole area is pretty calm and peaceful. You will also find the Fondation Beyeler, an interesting art gallery, and some smaller museums and galleries. The town is also notable for being the birthplace of Roger Federer. If you want to experience a calm, village-like atmosphere, do check Riehen out.

Altstadt Kleinbasel

On the west bank of the Rhine river, you will find the Altstadt Kleinbasel. It literally means the ‘old town small Basel, and it’s an old and historic area of the city. Here you will find many cool shops, restaurants and bars and a bunch of things to do. While this area doesn’t have many interesting landmarks you might want to check it out if you find the medieval Swiss architecture cool. It’s just across the river from the city center proper, so if you are looking for a slightly cheaper place to stay at, for a good price, consider Altstadt Kleinbasel.

Am Ring

Am Ring is the area of Basel that surrounds the city center, on the east side of the Rhine river. Here you’ll find a very lively part of town, filled with offices, businesses and some tourists. If you want to live close to the center, but not pay a crazy price for it and not have tourists all around you, this is a great place. This district is also right next to the Basel SBB railway station, which makes it very suitable if you plan on traveling. There aren’t many landmarks here, but there are some good restaurants and the Markthalle, which is definitely worth checking out.

Altstadt Grossbasel

The Altstadt, or the old town, is the city’s most expensive and fun area. The neighborhood has some great architecture and often looks straight out of a fairytale. Just like in any European inner city, you will find many hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, and galleries here. It is often crowded and filled with annoying tourists and students, but if you are in town for just a few days, definitely consider staying here.

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