Laptop Friendly Cafes in Lisbon

Malabarista Café

Malabarista Café is located a bit out of the city center of Lisbon, in a neighborhood less dominated by tourists and ex-pats and slightly more local. However, that shouldn’t dissuade you from it, as it is a great spot. There is some great coffee here, just like in all of the other establishments we write about, as well as some pasties common for Portugal and sandwiches. I like that there are often people working on their laptops here, so you won’t feel out of place, and once you finish your work you can explore a different area of town, less cluttered and more local.


It’s kind of cheating to include Fabrica on this list, as this is actually a chain of cafes with a few locations in Lisbon, but it is worth your attention. If you want a more Portuguese alternative to Starbucks, that has some great drinks and is great for getting work done, this is your spot. You can have a great breakfast and some coffee here, before getting down to business. There is also a cool vibe in Fabrica, as it’s decorated with wood and has many plants, distinguishing it from other more sterile cafe interiors that are growing in popularity.

Buna Specialty Coffee Shop

Buna is a smaller cafe, but the interior and vibe here are great, so if you can get a seat, it’s worth checking out. There is a very homey and nonchalant atmosphere here, and a great couch which I always prefer to chair. If you are walking around the city center of Lisbon and want to get your laptop out for a bit, Buna is a good option. There are also some power sockets here, so you can charge your phone/laptop with ease. They are open every day from 9 to 5, so don’t show up too late.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Copenhagen Coffee is another chain with a few locations in Lisbon and if you walk by any of them, be sure to stop and have a coffee or some food. As the name suggests, it’s a Scandinavian-themed establishment and you can enjoy some Danish pastries while answering your emails. I didn’t see too many people on their laptops while here, but it didn’t look like they have a policy against that, so don’t worry about getting your out. The locations are all in the inner city of Lisbon and fairly spread out, so there is always likely to be one nearby. Copenhagen Coffee also opens at 8am, which can be useful on certain days.

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