Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is one of the most vibrant cities in the United States and the economic, cultural, and political center of Georgia. You will find colonial architecture, glass skyscrapers, and modern housing, all in the same city. With more than 6 million people living in the metro area of Atlanta, it can be hard to know … Read more

Richest cities in Georgia, USA

Georgia is one of the most exciting States in the US, with its old colonial history, southern culture, and the large and modern city of Atlanta, it manages to bring something to the table for everyone. It sits somewhere in the middle of the country regarding income, but there is a lot of old money … Read more

Richest cities in Colorado

Colorado is known as a mountainous, snowy, and remote State, but the truth is that this is one of the most beautiful and well-off areas in the USA. The Rocky Mountains are picturesque to look at and seem vast, but the truth is that Colorado is urban, wealthy, and developed like any other state in … Read more

Richest cities in Arizona

Arizona is located in the southwest of the United States, on the border with Mexico. It is best known for its rugged desert landscapes, interesting rock formations, cactuses, and many different Native American tribes scattered around the State. Of course, like in any large US State, there is a lot of commerce and money going … Read more

Richest areas in Barbados

Barbados is one of the best-known islands in the Caribbean, a dream holiday for many, and a developed country in its own right. It relies heavily on tourism, but there is a good financial industry and production that help the country maintain one of the highest standards in the region. The great weather and proximity … Read more

Richest cities in Denmark

Denmark is often used as an example of a great country that is well ordered, wealthy, and beautiful. Everyone that has been there knows that this is mostly true. The cities are clean, the trains run on time and the roads are taken care of. That being said, the country is also very expensive, one … Read more

Richest cities in Texas

Texas is one of the most famous States in the Union and people from around the world know a thing or two about Texas. While most people associate it with cowboys and oils, that does not tell the whole story of the great State of Texas. There are around 30 million people living here and … Read more

Richest cities in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island, belonging to the USA, while not being a part of the union. While not an actual state of the USA, Puerto Rico benefits from its close economic ties with the largest economy in the world and is wealthier than the islands that surround it. While there is poverty and crime … Read more

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Glasgow

Many people are surprised to learn that Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland, with more than 100 000 inhabitants more than Edinburgh. It is one of the most important cities in the UK in terms of culture, economics, and political influence. As you can imagine there is a lot of wealth in this city, … Read more

Richest Cities in Cuba

Cuba is one of the most popular yet mysterious countries in the world. Everyone knows about their cigars, the old cars, Castro and Che, but it is rare to meet someone who actually went there. The communist government and the US sanctions against the country make it a more complicated destination than others, despite its … Read more