Cancun Weed Guide

Cancun is one of the best party spots in North America, and many travelers, digital nomads, and some locals like to visit for a few days or a week, to take the edge off of the hard work. If you find yourself there and decide you want to some weed, we can help you out! Cannabis is legal in Mexico for recreational use, but smoking in a foreign country is always nerve-racking. Keep on reading for our guide to weed in Cancun:

Cannabis laws in Mexico

In the 1920s, marijuana has been criminalized in Mexico, despite its wide use, but things have been improving since then. After multiple Supreme Court decisions, bill proposals, and legal wrangling, cannabis was legalized for personal use in 2021. In the end, it was the Supreme Court that legalized it for adults, not the legislature. Due to Mexico’s complicated legal system, this leaves cannabis in a gray area since it is legal, but no legal framework exists for it to be sold or distributed to the population. The ball is in the Chamber of Deputies and Senate’s court, but they have been taking their time with drawing up the details and laws for the proper legalization of cannabis.

You can rest assured that when smoking weed in Mexico you are not actually breaking any laws, but sadly many things still need to be ironed out and the situation on the ground is still not ideal. There have been calls by politicians, the public, and the press for the framework to be created, but we still need to wait.

Where to get weed in Cancun

If you are interested in tips on how to get weed in Cancun, there is a handy guide here. However, you need to keep in mind that despite the Supreme Court ruling, things do not function like they do in Canada and California. There is no legit and easy way for you to get cannabis while in Cancun, just yet. Many foreigners are understandably uncomfortable with buying drugs from strangers abroad and we won’t urge you to take any unncessairy risks.

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