Cabo Weed Guide

Cabo San Lucas, or Cabo as the cool people call it, is one of Mexico’s best resort destinations. Regardless if you are a weary traveler, a digital nomad, or just visiting with the family there is something for you in Cabo. Nowadays many of us live in countries where cannabis is legal and Mexico is not an exception. That being said, the legal situation with weed there is a little murky and foreigners might not feel very comfortable with buying weed in Cabo:

Cannabis laws in Mexico

Cannabis has been known and used in Mexico for centuries, but with colonization and Western influence it became prohibited. Nowadays, likely due to Western influence in the other direction, there is a big push for legalization. After much legal fighting, some of it still ongoing, cannabis was legalized for adults in Mexico in 2021. It was the Supreme Court that legalized it in the end, but this is not where things end. The Mexican legislature: the Chamber of Deputies and Senate still need to write and approve the bills that regulate the cannabis trade and this can take a long time.

It is reassuring for foreigners to know that they can some weed in Mexico without having to worry too much about the law, but things are not as clear-cut as they should be. There are no dispencaries or any other legal way to sell marijuana, so despite of the legalization, not that much has changed in effect.

Where to get weed in Cabo

If you are interested in tips on how to get weed in Cabo, there is a handy guide here. However, you need to keep in mind that despite the Supreme Court ruling, things do not function like they do in the Netherlands. There is no legit and easy way for you to get cannabis while in Cabo, and you still need to rely on shady dealers. Many tourists are very uncomfortable with buying drugs from strangers abroad and we won’t urge you to take any unnecessary risks.

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