Biggest towns in Singapore

Singapore is a tiny city-state, located on the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. Despite of its small size, the city boasts a population of 5.7 million people and multiple townships within itself. Singapore is a very wealthy place and many people choose to live there, which has lead to a large increase in the size of the city within the last few years. Keep on reading for a list of the biggest towns in Singapore:


Tampines is the third-largest area in Singapore, with a population of 256,730 people, and is located in the Eastern part of Singapore. This is a residential area, where you can find all of the amenities you might expect, such as shopping malls, an IKEA, multiple parks, libraries, restaurants, and bars. It’s not a fancy, infinity pool, rooftop party kind of area, but if you want to live in a nice residential area, it’s great.

Jurong West

Jurong West is the second largest planning area in Singapore and has a population of 266,720 people, making it slightly larger than Tampines. As the name suggests it’s located on the western side of the city, close to Jurong Lake. Once again, the area is residential with great public transport and infrastructure, as well as many amenities and things to make your life easier. On top of the shopping centers and parks, there are also many schools and sports facilities here.


Bedok is the largest planning area in Singapore and is the home of about 289,000 residents. It’s located on the eastern side of Singapore, in the Tanah Merah region. Here you will find the usual shopping centers, Hawker Centres and schools. Overall, this is a nice and sometimes affordable area of Singapore that provides a nice quality of life.

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