Best Time To Visit Switzerland

What is the best time to visit Switzerland? This is a hard question to answer, considering the country is an all-year destination, with great skiing in winter and breathtaking hikes in summer.

Here is what you will find in this article:

  • The climate of Switzerland
  • Best time to visit Switzerland for hiking
  • Best time to visit Switzerland for skiing
  • What clothes to pack for Switzerland
  • Tips for visiting Switzerland

The climate of Switzerland

When talking about the Swiss climate, one of the most important factors to consider is the Alps. The mountains can be very chilly year-round, so you should bring warm clothes if you plan on going up to them, even in summer. That being said, the summers are generally hot and humid, especially in the south, which borders Italy. In June, July, and August you can generally expect nice and warm weather, with May and September also being doable, but not always great. December, January, and February are the coldest months, with March also being chilly most years.

Best time to visit Switzerland for hiking

If you want to explore the nature of Switzerland and see some of the famous meadows, lakes, and mountains, the best time to do that is in Summer. June, July, and August are considered to be THE season for hiking and the weather is most likely to be good then and the days are longer, allowing you to explore more. However, it is worth considering May and September, as in the off-season you have fewer tourists and better deals. Considering the prices in Switzerland, a few degrees less might be worth the money you will save. Keep in mind that it might rain, even in summer, so you should always pack a rain jacket, as well as a jumper if you plan on going up a mountain.

Best time to visit Switzerland for skiing

While there is snow on some of the Alpine mountain tops years round, the skiing season is from December to April, with January and February being the best months. Every year is different when it comes to snow coverage, but due to the high altitude, you are guaranteed to experience some of the best pistes in the world. The high season is very expensive and you can still get some great skiing on the outer edges of the season for a more reasonable price. That being said, the prices in Switzerland are significantly higher than in Austria, France, or Bulgaria.

What clothes to pack for Switzerland

Regardless of what season you are visiting in, it is a good idea to bring a sturdy jacket that can withstand rain to Switzerland. The summers are known for their showers and in winter it also rains and snows every now and then. Some warm clothes are also good for summer hikes, as in the higher altitudes the temperature drops. If you visit for skiing, your regular gear will suffice. It does get cold in winter so bring everything you need, buying clothes in Switzerland is possible, but will likely cost you a lot more than if you just bring stuff from home.

Tips for visiting Switzerland

There is a lot to do in this small country and you could stay for an entire year and not get to see and do everything. I personally prefer hiking in the summer and think that the sights here are some of the most beautiful in the entire world, and certainly in Europe. That being said, Zermatt and St. Moritz are always ranked as some of the best ski resorts in the world and any appreciator of that sport should experience them at least once. As mentioned a few times in the article, Switzerland is an expensive country and you need to think about whether you want the optimal weather for your trip or better prices. I also did not talk about it here, but there are some great cities in Switzerland that are interesting for a couple of days and well worth the visit.

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