Best Coworking Spaces in Denver, Colorado

Denver is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and nature, while also being large, urban, and modern. If you are a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, or lucky enough to be able to work remotely it is understandable that you would want to spend some time in Colorado and Denver in particular. There is a growing remote work community in the city and plenty of coworking spaces are available in Denver. Here are some of our favorites:

Shift Workspaces

Shift Workspaces has a few conveniently placed locations in the center of Denver. It has great interior design, feeling both modern and old-fashioned, as well as comfortable to do work at. The amenities are everything you might expect, from 24/7, plenty of seating arrangements, a gym, fast WiFi, coffee, and snacks are all provided here. It is a more personal and upscale co-working space and certainly one to consider if you plan on being in Denver for a prolonged time.

WeWork Denver

WeWork has managed to become a cliche in the co-working community, but that’s not because it is bad. Despite the negative press surrounding the business, it is undeniable that they are the largest and most recognizable brand when it comes to this industry. They have hundreds of locations in cities around the world and membership here might be the best option for digital nomads that travel around a lot and do not want to sign a contract with a new coworking space every time they move. Also, WeWork has great design, amazing networking events, and good services. If you value flexibility, this is the coworking for you.

Enterprise Coworking

Enterprise Coworking is a popular option for the residents of Denver. It has a few convenient locations, easy to reach by car, and is in popular neighborhoods with things to do around them. Like with the other coworking spaces on this list, they offer a variety of memberships and it is best to take a look at their site and consider what fits your lifestyle best. You can expect all of the amenities that are common to goo coworking spaces, so things like good internet, a rooftop lounge, a library, a printer, and many others. If you want to go for a more local experience, consider giving Enterprise a shot.

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