Best Budapest Cafes With Free WIFI

Budapest is one of the top European cities when it comes to remote working and digital nomad destinations. This Eastern European gem is crawling with people that need to get some work done on a laptop, and what better way to do that work, than to sip on delicious coffee and enjoy free WIFI. Continue reading for a list of the 5 best, work-friendly cafes that Budapest has to offer.

Magvető Café

Magvető is located on the Dohány u. 13, just a few minutes away from the Astoria metro station. It’s open every day from 9 to 10 p.m., except for Sunday, when it’s closed. The atmosphere is nice and there are usually a lot of people reading or working on their laptops, so you’ll feel right at home. They have a variety of sweets available if you want a during-work snack. The brownies are recommended. The only problem that this cafe has are the frequent private gatherings, movie showings, and lectures that take place there, but those usually take place later in the afternoon. Definitely a unique spot, worth a visit while in Budapest.

Massolit Budapest Books and Café

This unique cafe is located in Budapest’s Jewish quarter and is very central. As the name suggests, this isn’t just a coffee place, but also a bookshop, with all of the walls being stacked with books from the floor to the ceiling. The atmosphere is amazing and there is hardly a better place for studying or reading up on something important. All of the chairs seem to be different and there is more of a homely feel here than in any other Budapest cafe. It’s really cool and retro, but the WiFi works well, so you have a choice between analog reading or online work. It’s located on Nagy Diófa u. 30 and is open every day!

Madal Cafe

This cafe is also located in the city center of Budapest and has some great outdoor sitting options available. The vibe is trendy and modern and the coffees are a bit more sophisticated than in other places. If you walk in Medal, a lot of people will be working on their laptops, which adds to the cool and urban coffeeshop. The only issue is that it can get a little bussy, but even if there is no room available, there are a bunch of other options nearby. Medal Cafe is on Ferenciek tere 3, and works every day from 7:30 to 19:30.

Dorado Café

Dorado is a smaller, more local cafe where you will meet as many foreigners and Hungarians. The interior is clean, industrial and simple, like something you might find in Berlin. There are always people working there and the Wifi is without an issue. There are some food options available, but nothing to match the coffee, which is amazing. The location of Dorado is also in the old Jewish quarter, making it an ideal end or beginning to a walk around Budapest’s city center. The exact address is Klauzál u. 35 and it works every day.

Mantra Specialty Coffee Minibar

This is another, hip Budapest cafe with great Wifi and a work-friendly atmosphere. It’s right in the middle of the inner city and a great spot to just relax and maybe answer some emails after a day in town. It’s very calm before lunch, so if you want some peace and quiet try to wake up early and come. Mantra opens at 7:30 during the weekdays. You can find it at Veres Pálné u. 17.

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