Beginner’s Guide

  • How I Got Comfortable With Solo Travel

    One of the most discomforting things about setting off on a digital nomad journey is traveling alone. Many chose to do it as a couple, or with friends, but for most a solo trip is required, and that can be stressful and awkward. I remember worrying about meeting people, getting lost, and how I could … Read more

  • The Best Tech to Buy as a Digital Nomad

    As the name suggests, being a digital nomad requires a lot of technology to achieve and maintain, just like most jobs nowadays. Everyone has numerous gadgets at a hand’s reach at all times, but the tech required to facilitate the remote worker lifestyle is more specific and not always so obvious. If you are just … Read more

  • Why Self Employment Should Be Your Next Goal

    Having a source of income that is yours and independent is a common goal that many people share, but few achieve. We are all familiar with the concept of showing up to work, clocking in and out, and getting paid a wage for that. However, there are other ways to earn money, that do not … Read more