How I Got Comfortable With Solo Travel

One of the most discomforting things about setting off on a digital nomad journey is traveling alone. Many chose to do it as a couple, or with friends, but for most a solo trip is required, and that can be stressful and awkward. I remember worrying about meeting people, getting lost, and how I could … Read more

Laws in Portugal for Digital Nomads

The notion of moving to a foreign country, working there remotely, enjoying the beach, and meeting new people is heavily romanticized and as everyone that has done it knows, it doesn’t paint the whole picture. While Portugal is a romantic and special place, it still exists in the cold, hard world and you need to … Read more

Living in the Netherlands as an ex-pat

There aren’t many places in the world that are more international, accommodating, and better suited for a digital nomad than the Netherlands. Everyone speaks English, the administration is swift and smooth and it’s a part of the EU, which makes it a lot easier for Europeans, and other foreigners, to move to. It also goes … Read more

Laptop Friendly Cafes in Lyon

France’s third-largest city is the perfect combination between authentically French and modern. You will find the classic French cafes, that you see in the promotional material, but you also have a bunch of cool, modern, work-friendly cafes. If you are looking for a great spot, with good WiFi, we have just the list for you: … Read more